SeismiGraphix V1.2.0 has been released

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Today March 01, 2016 a new version of SeismiGraphix has been released with new features and more stability I hope it will met the need of its users. I have received a lot of suggestions and very good comments from its users and in this released I have tried to implement most of them. This big jump from V1.0.1 to 1.2.0 is due to the addition of more then 4 new features including support for new Segd formats like 8015, 8036 and 8038 . More formats are supported but not tested so they are not listed. Mi favorite feature of this new release is the interactive plot window winch allows the user to plot any header word vs another header word but when the mouse is hovered over the data a red dot moves on the plot to the exact same location related to the data. Thank you to the new 45 subscribers and for the more than 287 downloads during this 2 months after the initial release.

overheadplot, interactive window, png printing and trace header in one screen.

SeismiGraphix 2016 debut!

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Is with great pleasure that today January 4, 2016 the beta version of SeismiGraphix is released to the public. It has been a lot of work but it also has been a great adventure through Java programming and Seismic data formats at the same time. A long there has been some challenges as well, specially knowing that Java runs in a Virtual Machine “JVM” and being compiled in bytecode code can render any subroutine slower than its C++ or C counterpart, but fortunately java performance for scientific software in today’s computers is acceptable and in some cases comparable or better to that of C++.  There are many ideas to add more functionalities to this application, like adding custom postscript printing capabilities, first brake plotting and why not picking, linking its display functionality to Madagascar or adding 3D data rendering etc. Lets wait and see what the future might bring for now this is just the begining, the debut!.