Windows PC and Mac OsX running SeismiGraphix

About SeismiGraphix

SeismiGraphix is a free application developed 100% in java which main purpose is to help visualize multiple seismic formats in different operating systems. As being developed in java this allows it to run in multiple operating systems that support the Java Run time Environment JRE 1.7 or above.

SeismiGraphix is free! 

is a free license application intended for general geophysical data viewing with some useful tools.  No limitations or money is charged for the application.

SeismiGraphix is safe! 

SeismiGraphix opens your files in read only mode, it does not leave trails or temporary files in your disk as it does its work on the fly and on memory, therefore modern systems with 4 GB of ram or more are recommended.

Feedback is welcome!

if you have any suggestions for improvements or other applications for SeismiGraphix, please contact the author, see link in contact page.


Why SeismiGraphix?

The author of SeismiGraphix spend years working as a front end geophysicist, being frustrated with the difficulty to open and investigate some of the files he encountered, he started to developed his own tools to help him investigate and process correctly this different formats. Having all of them in one package was very convenient and help him to speed up his data pre-processing, however it was not until a visualization module was developed when SesimiGraphix came to life. SeismiGraphix logo is a coffee bean with a wiggle in the middle and just as geophysicists and software developers drink large amounts of coffee the selection was obvious.


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SeismiGraphix Decaf PDF User guide.

Screen shots.