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Abel Surace started his professional career in the oil and gas exploration industry working for Grant Geophysical as a field geophysical technician in his native Colombia, there he learned the basics of seismic exploration and had the opportunity to apply his knowledge in computer programming and data management.

After moving to Canada he has worked in different areas and in different companies like Agat Laboratories, Halliburton, United Data Wyse, Exxon-Mobil and recently Thrust Belt Imaging where he worked in the front end geophysical data processing. Abel enjoys computer programming in languages like Java and C++ also scripting in Python.

Other projects Abel is interested and involved , are electronics, Arduino , IoT "The internet of Things" , Raspberry pi, renewable energy using super capacitors, 3D Printers and remote control plane building and flying. He is also an avid vintage computer collector for systems dating from the seventies and eighties. 

Abel Finished an Object Oriented Software Development Certificate from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, where he learn the lates techniques and methodologies to develop high quality software.

Currently Abel works as Intermediate Software Developer for Katalyst Data Management helping to maintain and develop awesome new applications for Seismic and Well data management used by several Oil and Gas companies in Canada, USA and world wide.

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